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The Magic Pill

By Irah, Aug 6 2015 12:12AM

There is always a feeling of excitement when research is cited to have found the answer to all of our prayers: a cure for cancer, the end to obesity, the fountain of youth, and the list goes on and on. It’s not surprising that our steadily increasing pace of life craves the quick fix to all of our social, personal and medical ills. Political ills are also related, but we’ll save that for another time. There is, in part, a cognitive reason for this. As we age, our experience of the minute becomes shorter and shorter. This means that we are literally feeling as if time is moving faster than it did the previous year, when in actuality time is exactly the same human construct it has always been. The reality of time being constant has not stopped society at large and then we, imprinting upon social norms swiftly, from following suit. We as a global culture are moving faster and faster.

The reality of healing, interestingly, rests in the conscious acceptance that not only is there no such thing as a magic pill, but that there is absolutely no need for it once time stops being our enemy and becomes simply a thing that was created to help us wrap our heads around the boundlessness of what exists outside of us. Imagine for a moment, what it would feel like to wake up one day having forgotten that the measure of time exists. Your actions would very likely slow down drastically. There would be no alarm clock to wake you and no watch to remind you to race out the door without breakfast or, perhaps worse, scarf it down hastily. You wouldn’t be rushing to get the kids out the door in time for their bus and fearing the pending traffic and a late arrival to work. I make this point to illustrate that what we have created to help us organize our sense of the universe and existence can also hurt us when the purpose of its invention is forgotten. We and what we see around us is real. Time is not. It is an incredible mechanism for defining what is outside of us, but it was not invented to organize our way of being human in the world.

The concept of holistic health is a thing of expansion. First we enlarge the scope of what it means to be healthy; it is not just physical, but also emotional and spiritual. Then, when we integrate the reality of time being simply a human engineered construct, we near a more genuine understanding of ourselves. If you refer back to the image of waking one day to the absence of time and the feeling of boundlessness that this would bring you have an image of the true human experience. Meditation is a wonderful way to connect to this reality. Connecting to our limitlessness is the blooming of true holistic wellness.

The passing of time no longer rules us. We are suddenly able to sit still and smell the air around us. Is it fresh and sweet or polluted and unpleasant? Holistic health is here in the realization. It may compel us to be grateful for our environment or realize that perhaps changes need to be made in order for us to nourish ourselves optimally. We sit still and feel the clothes on our skin. Are they comfortable and made of natural fibers, allowing our skin to breath or filled with plastics and chemicals that clog our pores and enter our blood stream? We can then relish in our coverings or move toward wearing organic natural fibers free of plastics and chemicals. This can extend to the sheets we sleep on and the towels we wrap our bodies in, to the substances and brushes we put in our hair and with which we wash our bodies. Of course, the way we feel when we eat certain foods is critical. When sitting still, do we feel strong, vibrant and energized or sluggish, fatigued and bloated? The answer to this question may illicit gratitude for the way we nourish ourselves or lead us to recognize that changes need to be made. Distinguishing between what tastes good because it nourishes the body and what tastes good because it calms a craving is central to the holistic lifestyle and may sometimes require professional assistance to sift through the relationship between unresolved emotional pain and how we nourish ourselves. Becoming more aware of your sensations and surroundings can help you make proactive preventive lifestyle changes.

In our attempt to master time we have distanced ourselves from the wisdom inherent in being human and our natural ability to sense what is good, healthy and healing. We have the answers if me merely slow down and allow ourselves to connect to them. Time isn’t the only veil that hides our true selves. The unresolved emotional pain of our lives can also bring us to feel as if there is only one way of being, the endless repetition of painful relationships or the power of repetitive thoughts that get in the way of the bliss that is truly living. Both examples are illusions that relate to past events and need not be part of the present. In my work, I help people, not suppress the emotions, a popular and damaging suggestion, but to see the difference so that they can heal from past emotional pain and stand in the present with all of their strengths in hand.

Holistic emotional health begins with maintaining openness to your internal awareness in relation to what is healing and what is impinging upon your health. Psychological barriers exist but need not be a limitation if there is a commitment to working through them. The balance lies in allowing yourself to move gracefully between the two, not becoming preoccupied with one while losing sight of the other. What often happens in life is that when you find yourself having what you’ve always wanted, it looks nothing like you thought it would. You desire the ever elusive fountain of youth and one day after years, months or even weeks of living an organic lifestyle filled with stillness, raw sprouts and juices, spiritually expanding exercise and psychological awakening, you find yourself swimming in it. When you are on a path to holistic wellness, the magic pill becomes meaningless because you are no longer trying to rid yourself of your ailments, you are viscerally feeling the transformative growth coming from within you all the time.

Aug 16 2015 05:42PM by David De Torres

Beautiful and so true!!!! Just great :)

Aug 16 2015 09:56PM by irahb

Thank you, David!

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